Power Washing

Greenleaf Painters offers power washing for cleaning and restoring the original appearance of your property as well as in preparation for painting.

Power Washing to Restore Your House and Walkways

Has your house dulled in color or visual impact? We power wash your vinyl or aluminum-sided house to remove mold and dirt, restoring it to its original appearance.

Have your patios, sidewalk, or poolside patio darkened from dirt and mold? Our power washing cleans off mold, mildew and dirt to restore these walkways to their original appearance.

Your roof may also be growing mold and mildew. Greenleaf Painters offers power washing for roofs, restoring your roof to a clean and visually appealing condition.

Power Washing In Preparation for Exterior Painting of Homes and Decks

It is necessary to clean off dirt and to professionally kill mold in preparation for painting. If not eradicated completely, mold will grow underneath the paint, and the paint will not adhere properly. This can lead to needing to paint more frequently. Greenleaf Painters ensures that all mold is completely eradicated before proceeding with painting. Power washing is part of every exterior painting project we do.

We also power wash decks in preparation for staining or painting projects, to ensure a lasting stain or paint job.

Caring For Your Property

In all of our work on your property, you can be assured that we take great care to protect your plants and exercise the utmost care around your landscaping. Remember to ask us about our eco-friendly power washing solvents too. Caring for your home environment is one of our highest priorities.

As a professional painting contractor in New Jersey, Greenleaf Painters serves these areas and beyond:

Princeton, Princeton Junction, Pennington, Hopewell, West Windsor, Skillman, Cranbury, Lambertville, and Lawrenceville, New Jersey and surrounding NJ communities. Also serving Yardley, Newtown and New Hope areas in PA.