Thanks from All of Us at Greenleaf for Ten Years of Great Reviews!

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A Candid Pic of Greenleaf Managers and Crew 2016

Greenleaf was built primarily word-of-mouth ten years ago. What started with founder, Jonathan Shenk, and a paintbrush has grown into the thriving company it is today.

So we want to pause and take a moment to give a big thanks for all the reviews and referrals you, our customers, have given over the years. We relish hearing how happy you are about the work we’ve done. Each referral and positive review brightens our day. It also helps our business grow and thrive.

One of our customers sent us this glowing review, which we couldn’t help but post below. Many more of you have posted reviews online, told us your feedback in person, and even sent us hand-written cards! Here’s to you, our friends and customers, for a great ten years! –Jonathan Shenk, owner

Carolyn Slaughter, Lawrenceville, wrote:

“If you’re looking for a superb painting company to transform the rooms of your home, Greenleaf is the company for you. I’ve tried many painters in the Lawrenceville/Princeton area and found no company equal to Greenleaf’s professionalism, courtesy, attention to detail and sheer skill and creativity in making any decorating job turn out perfectly and in the time promised.

I live in a Victorian house in Lawrenceville, about 150 years old, and it’s something of a nightmare for any crew trying to produce a first-rate job: the floors slope downward, no shelf is straight, the ceilings have cracks which may suddenly open and send chunks of plaster crashing to the floor. Yet for all its infirmities, it is a magnificent, rare Second Empire house, with a mansard roof, characteristic in French building. I’ve lived and worked within these walls and my children have grown up under this roof for over twenty years.

I needed exceptional painters, who then connected me to a creative carpenter, who brought the ceilings back to new, and introduced me to a wood floor refinisher, Rees Powell, who brought the sloping floors back to their original pine beauty. The foreman, Abner Tolle, in his dedication to the job, could be found scrutinizing every inch of his hard-working crew’s work until he could leave the house looking as beautiful as it must have looked in it’s heyday.”


Protect and Beautify Your Home as You Welcome Spring!

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We are just as excited as you are that Spring has finally arrived!  Spring time is full of so many wonderful things such as longer periods of daylight, the blooming of plants and trees, and of course there’s Spring repair and cleaning.  Now you may cringe at those two words but as you know, protecting and repairing your home keeps it looking beautiful and in great shape.
And we’re here to make your life easier!  Firstly, we have an outdoor checklist to help keep you on track.  Secondly, we have some tips and strategies to make the cleaning process more streamlined and manageable. So let’s get started!
Outdoor Springtime Checklist
  • Tour house and exterior grounds.  Make a list of any needed maintenance.
  • Sweep porches and walkways
  • Wash siding, thresholds, and exterior doors.  It may simply work with a garden hose and a deck brush.  For the best results, we recommend power washing.
  • Clean or replace welcome mat.
  • Inspect, clean, and repair outdoor furniture.
  • Inspect light fixtures: wash covers and check for damaged wires and connections.
  • Clear away any dead foliage and weeds from beds and lawn.
  • Inspect the roof for winter damage: leaks, missing or broken shingles or tiles.  If you don’t have access, we recommend contacting your local roofer for inspection.
  • Scrape, prime, and paint any peeling spots on trim or woodwork.  You’ll not only be making a difference cosmetically but also protecting the wood from damage due to changing temperatures and moisture.
  • Identify any rotting wood trim or siding and have it removed and replaced before it becomes a bigger issue.
  • Begin your landscaping projects while it’s cooler and the soil is damp and pliable.  Trees, plants, and shrubs make a huge difference in adding curb appeal.
  • Lastly, remember to have fun doing it.  The outside of your home is there to protect you year round so it’s always a good idea to inspect, repair, and clean your biggest asset.
Spring Cleaning Strategies
1. Make a list– this will save time so you can keep the ball rolling.

2. Assemble a team–  If your family is willing and able, get them to work with you as a team.  And there’s always your friends.

3. Gather your supplies – Spend the week before spring cleaning begins gathering up the supplies you’ll need. 

4. Plan ahead for time-consuming tasks– If you’re planning any time-consuming tasks, set aside extra time outside of your actual spring cleaning schedule.

5. Focus on one task at a time – Simply put.

6. Recognize your progress – A large list is daunting but once you begin to see things crossed out you’ll feel you’re making a dent.

7. Be realistic – hard work takes time, but know that the satisfaction from a job well done is around the corner.

8. Take breaks – You’re not a machine, and everyone deserves a break.

9. Prepare snacks and meals ahead of time – Refuel without creating even more work for yourself.  Think of easily put-together meals.

10. Get ready to jam – Remember to have fun, so make that I-tunes playlist or break out those vinyl records.  Music keeps you moving!

Three Key Questions to Ask as You Choose a Contractor

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In the last couple of months, we were hired by two different homeowners to re-do a job that
another painting contractor botched.
We occasionally get these requests, and it’s always a reminder to us to share what we know
about how to choose a contractor that’s right for the job. We recommend that you solicit three
bids, and then call the references the contractor gives you.

BUT DON’T STOP THERE. In the process, it’s important to ask these three things:

1) How will the contractor communicate with you? Does the contractor have an email address for answering your quick questions? Do they answer phone calls, and during what hours? How many days do they generally take to get back to customers?Not all contractors will actually return your call in a timely manner. If you notice that it is hard to reach a contractor when you are in the bidding process, this may indicate how it will go once you sign the contract. That said, we’ve had incredibly busy summers during which it is hard to get back to people as fast as we’d like. It is good to have a conversation with the contractor when getting a bid about what to expect.

2) How respectful will the contractor be of your property? Ask about how your furniture will be moved and protected during the work. If it is outdoor work, will your plantings near your house be protected? This is especially critical during lead removal or power washing.

It’s also important to ask how much preparation goes into the project. We pride ourselves in very careful preparation that leads to smooth walls, clean lines, and eye-popping results. Inquire about the kind of care the contractor puts into the work.

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