Colors that will sell your home (or make you want to stay)

Color can make a difference for a buyer who is “on the fence.” We excerpted (below) a great magazine article about this.
Even if you’re not selling in the near future, here are some trending color choices for you to consider:
The Power of Color
Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, is intimately aware of the power of color.
Wadden says the definition of neutral is changing, and “drawing inspiration from the earth and sky with deep, rich tones like putty, clay, shell, sun and water. Bright golds are optimistic, yet the shift in beige moves away from warmer, yellow-based tones to brown-based grays.  These natural influences feel fresh and modern, while remaining neutral and functional throughout the seasons.”
Jessamy Tsoris, a Milwaukee-based color consultant and owner of Color Zen, equates dressing a home for sale much like you would prepare for an important job interview. “You should always wear a color that’s powerful, flattering, and typically classic,” Tsoris said.
“For your home, it’s less about selecting the neutral everyone is blogging about and more about what truly complements the home’s unique lighting and surfaces, especially wood tones. Generally, light, bright and airy neutrals leaning gray and/or coastal are popular at the moment. You want the home to look as modern as possible.”


“White trim–that’s a big one,” she said.  “Many people are painting unfavorable wood and ceilings white.  It’s instant happiness.  Other colors that are popular–shades of blue, from powder to green/blue/gray to navy.  Taupe as well.  Taupe weaves through all of the grays and I think we will see it a lot in the next several years in a very soft, organic way.
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